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If interested in puchasing a pump in the US, please contact our NEW dealer in the US:

42 Industries, LLC

Todd Hanks
U.S. Sales Director

1290 US Highway 42 North
Delaware, OH 43015

Show Updates

FDIC International 2015

42 Industries, LLC will be exhibiting at FDIC International in Indianapolis on April 20-25, 2015. Booth #9632
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The International WorkBoat Show & Conference

We presented Zelda the one and only HVLS pump for the first time at this year Work Boat Show in New Orleans which ran from Dec 1 to Dec 3....
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Check out the Brochure we handed out at the show! (PDF)

"An Innovative Pump.....An Evolutionary Future"

Zelda "A" HVLS
Hand Driven
Low RPM (Max 200RPM)
Filtered Water
Zelda "B" HVLS
Power Driven
Low RPM (Max 200RPM)
High Pressure & Viscosity
Food Grade systems
Zelda "C" HVLS
Max 300RPM)
Volatile Fluids
High Octane Fluids
Filtered Water
Zelda "D" HVLS
Flow & Power Driven Turbine
Drive (Max 400RPM)
High Pressure System

From thick heavy molasses, to sludge, fuel or freshwater the Zelda HVLS pump has proven it can pump high and low viscosity fluids with less effort than ever before. In pump mode Zelda is able to self-prime and lift over 27’-0” or one full atmosphere at 200 rotations per minute.

Features of the Zelda HVLS pump:

  • Low RPM, high volume, positive displacement pump
  • Manual remote pumping
  • Hand driven manual operation for emergency or crisis management
  • High efficiency turbine for micro hydro systems
  • High efficiency for cost savings, low maintenance, quiet pumping
  • Pumping using kinetic source
  • Harnessing energy from high torque low speed source
  • High viscosity fluids such as molasses, honey, paint etc.
  • Low viscosity fluids such as water, oil etc.
  • Pumping without emulsifying or blending product
  • Self-priming & able to lift one atmosphere

Altra-Air HVLS Fans in an Industrial Setting

2012 Innovative Product Award Winner!

We are proud to announce that WindTrans Systems Ltd was this year's recipient of the Innovative Product Award at the Manufacturing Excellence Awards. The ceremony took place on November 15, 2012 and was hosted by the Huron Manufacturing Association.

We are proud to accept this award!








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