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WindTrans Systems Ltd. was incorporated in February 2009 to be the vehicle to design, develop, produce and market a new and revolutionary HVLS pump that will change how efficiently the world moves fluids and harnesses kinetic energy. The major shareholder and President of WindTrans Systems is Dan Lambert. He also controls interest in Sun-North Systems Ltd. and Envira-North Systems Ltd. which are both very successful companies operating out of Seaforth, Ontario. Dan Patterson is the CEO as well as a shareholder of WindTrans Systems. The General Manager, Technical Expert and Shareholder is Andrew Masse.

Since its inception, WindTrans' vision has been to bring an energy efficient product to the world. The revolutionary pump, known as "Zelda" has proven to go beyond original expectations and will provide many opportunities to Canadian companies both locally and internationally. Much of this success is due to the diligence and dedication of Andrew Masse who has nursed Zelda from a prototype to a viable operating product ready to be launched into commercial production.

With energy conservation on the top of the list for many countries, WindTrans Systems Ltd is poised to capture a major market share in the pump industry.

Our original Zelda 1 was developed in 2009 to 2010. Zelda 1 was large weighing in at 9000 lbs and able to pump 500 litres per revolution. Zelda 1 proved that the early design had potential but with difficulties implementing changes due to its size and scale it was decided to create a much smaller pump and return to Zelda 1 later.

With this knowledge in hand we then developed the new improved technology of Zelda PHD. Zelda PHD was designed and the first fabrication was completed in May 2011. This first fabrication made use of rapid prototype modelling to generate the first model which was all plastic. This prototype model was not intended to be operational yet was connected to various motor and gear configuration along with a hand crank. The model proved the technology working extremely well pumping over 140 gal. per min. at 90rpm.

The design was then developed further introducing new venting and seal technology. Pattern and mould development was the next step to enable aluminum and plastic castings. This development has now enabled WindTrans to provide the HVLS Zelda PHD product tailored to a client’s specific use, need or budget. Zelda PHD is now known as Zelda HVLS. Through continual testing Windtrans moved to permanent molds, improved seals and other interior components. Zelda was then ready to be tested in a real-world environment on January 2015, sales staff began to look at different applications that could take advantage of Zelda’s’ remarkable abilities.

Zelda HVLS is 18” in diameter and weighs from 30 to 50 lbs. depending on the model selected and the components used to satisfy the application. Zelda has a 5” inlet and 5” threaded outlet port and is mechanically activated. WindTrans will now look to the future, see our Past & Future Development page.








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