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Zelda HVLS Pump Applications



Portable Altra-Lift Fire Pumps

The Altra-Lift GP-300 and HY-250 will provide your attack line with the portable fire pump that enables access from long distance and high verticle lifts of 30'. Easy to move at 143 lbs and providing 360 gallons per minute. Dispence high volumes over larger areas through multiple branch headers. view more....


Oil Spill and HAZMAT Clean Up

Hand crank, manual operation and providing high volume at low speed ensures that the olil and other fluids are not emulsified and blended together. Quick and easy separation of oil and water is possible with our custom filter systems. view more...


Emergency Fire & Flood Services

Power Driven or Hand Crank, Zelda HVLS is what you need when it is important for you to get your hands on the needed resources during a fire or when it is important to move fluid quickly. The ability to self prime and lift in seconds makes a difference,

view more....


Hand Pumping and Alternative Drives

Hand crank, manual operation and the possibility of alterative drive systems makes Zelda the perfect choice for backup, emergency and remote pumping services. Unmatched sealing, lift capabilities, its high volume output to include the requirement of minimal energy or torque at low rpm is now possible. (High Volume, Low Speed) view more...


Zelda Moves Thick / Heavy Food Grade Commodities

Food grade, thick or heavy fluids can be moved without mixing or emulsifying the pumped medium. Motor driven systems with stainless steel components running at low rpm yet moving high volumes of medium ensures longevity (HVLS), lower operating costs and quiet operation. view more...


Power Generation / Hydraulic Transmission / Kinetic Energy / Turbine

Harnessing kinetic energy and extracting sustainable power with greater efficiency is now possible. Zelda HVLS is able to operate in forward and reverse direction. This dual direction allows us to pump up into a reservoir and then use gravitational flow to produce electricity using the same system. view more...


Motor Driven Pumps - Pipe Lines and High Volume Systems

Pipe lines for domestic water or the pumping of petroleum products such as oil, bitumen or grease can be moved in a forward or reverse direction. Zelda HVLS provides the ability to save pumped medium in the case of a broken pipe line or when a section of pipe needs to be evacuated. This high efficiency pump requires less power or energy to operate and has greater life expectancy. view more...








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