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Brochure Downloads

The following are downloadable pdf brochures. As more data is accumulated, more brochures will become available.

These brochures offer information regarding pump efficiency data and applications.

Zelda PHD Head Pressure Test Brochure

Agricultural Use
PDF: 289 KB

Oil Sill / Hazmat Use
PDF: 289 KB

Zelda Drive Systems
PDF: 969 KB

Zelda Marine Usage
PDF: 0.97 MB

Zelda & Renewable Energy
PDF: 1.60 MB

Zelda PHD Head Pressure Test Brochure Zelda PHD Head Pressure Test Brochure
Zelda HVLS General Pumping
PDF: 2.69 MB

Zelda HVLS Pump & The Military
PDF: 2.55 MB

Zelda HVLS Pump - English
PDF: 5.32 MB

Zelda HVLS Pump - Spanish
PDF: 5.48 MB

Zelda HVLS Pump - French
PDF: 5.50 MB

Zelda HVLS Pump & Kinetic Energy
PDF: 2.21 MB

Zelda PHD Head Pressure Test Brochure ***Please note that the brochures on this page are low resolution to reduce download times.
Zelda HVLS Pump - Pumping Liquids
PDF: 2.68 MB

Zelda HVLS Technical Data
PDF: 1.40 MB









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