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WindTrans Systems Ltd
92 Railway St. PO Box 668
Seaforth, ON, Canada

Tel: (519) 527-2475
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Pump and pumping products for flood, emergency pumping and oil recovery!

Our new technology provides the knowledge that we can now lift and tansport high volumes of fluid at low rpm in remote locations with or without power / grid access. Our self powered pump platforms enalbe this new technology to be used in many different environments. Emergency services, flood control and oil spill recovery are just a few services that this new pump technology addresses.

Remote Fire Fighting - Zelda HVLS is able to pull a full atmosphere or draw over long distances.


Our product drive assemblies & pumps:

  • Hydraulic Motor Driven HVLS Pump
  • Pneumatic Motor Driven HVLS Pump
  • 9 HP Gas Engine Driven HVLS Pump
  • 6.5 HP Gas Engine Driven HVLS Pump
  • Remote Power Pack for Hydraulic Drive
  • Oil Spill Cleanup Assembly Tote
  • Zelda HVLS Stand Alone Pump


Products in the works:

  • PTO Driven HVLS Pump
  • Diesel Engine Driven HVLS Pump
  • Kinetic Driven HVLS Pump (wind turbine, water wheel, carousel pumping, walking wheel, bike driven)
  • The HVLS Pump used as a turbine - The HVLS pump is able to operate in a forward and revere direction and can be used as a turbine for Hydro Electric Generation
  • Remote Min-Vacuum System: developed for oil spill and liquid cleanup.
  • Direct Drive DC Motor System: Used for commercial industry and remote solar power driven system


If you have a need or an application that requires a system call us today.

Drive Systems & Pump Products:

  • Small platform footprint:
    43"x24"x30" (1092x609x675)
  • Light weight: We make all of our products light weight ranging from 50 lbs to 196.6 lbs (22.7kg to 89.3 kg)
  • Extensive testing has been completed, +21.1 million gallons pumped non stop fore a 3 month period
  • Custom assembly and product packages are available to address many industry needs
  • 220rpm Zelda displaces 330 US Gallons per minute or 75.9 cubic meters per hour
  • Patented Technology: U.S Patent No. 9,297,379


Target Markets:

  • Shipyards / Barge Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture: Farming Irrigation
  • Emergency Services - fires, floods & spill
  • Hydro Electric Generation using the HVLS pump as a turbine

Being able to lift over 27 feet, self priming in under 7 seconds will making flood control a snap.


Zelda HVLS Platforms

All of our assemblies, product drives parts and custom assemblies pricing can be found by clincking the link below.



Oil recovery in remote areas can be made easy with our systems.



Zelda Drive Systems
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Zelda Marine Usage
PDF: 0.97 MB

Zelda & Renewable Energy
PDF: 1.60 MB











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