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Pneumatic Motor Driven Pump Platform

Zelda HVLS can be driven by a pneumatic motor platform (pneumatically driven pump) making it easy to deploy and safe for the environment. A self-contained power drive system that includes an air drive can provide environmental safety especially when around areas such as shipyards, Docs and any bodies of water. The quick hookup and smaller small platform to include reduces weight makes it portable and quick to implement, our drive systems makes Zelda HVLS a great tool for shipyards or any other area with airline infrastructure.

Features of the Zelda HVLS pump:

  • Low RPM, high volume, positive displacement pump
  • Power driven remote pumping
  • Hand driven manual operation for emergency or crisis management
  • High efficiency turbine for micro hydro systems
  • High efficiency for cost savings, low maintenance, quiet pumping
  • Pumping using kinetic source
  • Harnessing energy from high torque low speed source
  • High viscosity fluids such as molasses, honey, paint etc.
  • Low viscosity fluids such as water, oil etc.
  • Pumping without emulsifying or blending product
  • Self-priming & able to lift one atmosphere

Pneumatically Motor Driven Pump:

  • Small platform footprint:
    43"x24"x30" (1092x609x675)
  • Light weight:
    196.6 lbs (89.3 kg)
  • Stand-alone system with quick connects to air resource.
  • Size of air motor:
    90 lfb/in2 power, air input 10-120 lbf/in2
    Input air pressure 30 to 80 lbf/in2
  • 220rpm Zelda displaces 330 US Gallons per minute or 75.9 cubic meters per hour
  • Patented Technology


System is used by:

  • Shipyards
  • Barge Industry
  • Emergency Services - fires, floods & spill
  • Industrial / Commercial facilities


"Pneumatic motor power platform

This drive system is the perfect pump platform, quick disconnects to existing airline and compressor systems. There is no worry about the environment in which you are using the pump, no fuels or oils are required to operate the pump platform. One can now move high volumes of fluids at low rpm lifting and pumping long distances quickly and efficiently Self-Prime and lift a full atmosphere in 6 seconds accessing your fluid resources in record time.

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Zelda Drive Systems
PDF: 969 KB

Zelda Marine Usage
PDF: 0.97 MB

Zelda & Renewable Energy
PDF: 1.60 MB


See our Pneumatic Driven Platform with Zelda HVLS self-prime and pump at dock side.








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