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The Production Zelda HVLS is Underway

Seaforth, Ontario - August 15, 2014 - The production and sale of Zelda HVLS has begun and is being manufactured in conjunction with Sun-North Systems Ltd. Sun-North and WindTrans are located in Southwestern Ontario and have produced the first High Volume Low Speed pump on the market today. This new technology takes advantage of high torque and low speed sources of power making kinetic energy more usable. Powered by hand or motor Zelda displaces 1.5 gallons (5.68 litres) of fluid per rotation with the ability to self-prime and pull a full atmosphere at 100 to 120 rpm. If you require more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with WindTrans Systems Ltd. please call 519-527-2475 or email:

Contact: Andrew Masse
92 Railway Street,
Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0


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New HVLS Zelda HVLS Pump Photo Available For Download



New & Innovative Pump Primed For Success

Seaforth, Ontario - August 10, 2012 – A revolutionary new pump that will change how efficiently the world moves fluids and harnesses kinetic energy is scheduled to hit the market in 2013. Driven by simplicity, the pump named Zelda PHD is designed with cutting edge technology overhauled to fit comfortably into primitive cultures and conditions. Zelda’s 76%+ proven overall efficiency shows that marketability as a pump and kinetic turbine with the use of kinetic energy and alternative drive systems is poised for success on the global stage.

Zelda is a hand crank or motor driven pump that will provide high volume output with little required torque for operation. She is a rotary style positive displacement pump that operates using an internal vane system. Her revolutionary technology is proving to have volumetric efficiencies of 90%+ and mechanical efficiencies of 84%+ making it an unmatched pumping system that is also capable of operating in forward or reverse. This efficiency and flexibility lends Zelda to many applications from advanced industrial uses and salvage operations, supplying water and/or electricity to people in Third World countries that are lacking infrastructure as well as the desalinization of water for irrigation or consumption.

Zelda PHD is 18" in diameter, 35 to 100 lbs. depending on the model and material specifications, has a 4" inlet and a 4" outlet port and is mechanically activated. Since she operates at such a low rpm there is less friction on her interior components significantly reducing unit fatigue. The lightweight and portable design makes her an easy choice for temporary deployment in areas of need. Impressively, Zelda is capable of transferring fluids rapidly at 30 gallons a minute at 30 feet of head by using a manual hand crank.

Since 2009, WindTrans has been developing and testing the patented technology found in Zelda PHD with design support and manufacturing expertise of sister companies Sun-North Systems Ltd. and Envira-North Systems Ltd.

Contact: Andrew Masse
92 Railway Street,
Seaforth, ON N0K 1W0



Please download our latest press release in PDF form by clicking here.
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